Why Western Men Like Filipina Women

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Interesting subject today. I notice an influx of western guys marrying filipina women, and I have to admit that the girls are quite pretty ( I have a few filipina friends).  You can find plenty of western men and Filipina girls who are dating online, or if you go to the Philippines you can see western men and Filipinas going about. The creation of the internet has made the world a much smaller place. Dating online has become more of a necessity than leisure these days. There are even sites that review the dating sites! Heres a weird one that reviews Phillipines dating sites, click here to view Filipino Cupid. Western men have always wanted to have Filipinas as girlfriends or wives even before the online dating sites were created. It stepped up to whole new level when people started using the internet to find their soulmates.


Western men are also attracted to the loveliness of the Filipina. The Philippines is said to be the Pearl of the Orient, and the astounding beauty of the Filipina is compared to such incomparable rarity. If you browse through the profiles of online Philippine dating sites you will see the beauty of each and every single Filipina. What is most intriguing is their personality that goes with it.

The positive point in a Filipinos personality especially to the women has been attractive to men across the globe. Women from the Philippines are known for their charming and cheerful attitudes in the most difficult and trying times of their lives. It is very delightful to be around them in times when you need to really cheer up or need a friend to talk to.

filipina-picFilipina girls who are dating western men are not an uncommon sight in the Philippines. Nonetheless, you have to go through the process of wooing a Filipina woman. It will be the most difficult but the sweetest time of your life. You must have a lot of patience and plenty of ideas to gain favour not only from the woman alone but also from her family. Your time and effort are the customary ways of determining a suitor’s true intention. If you get lucky, you will have the grace of their home, which means you can come and go as you


Filipina girls, aside from being a bit more reserved and soft-spoken than most Western women, also put a great deal of pride and value in the idea of marriage. While this is in part a religious belief, it’s also simply part of the Filipino custom. This holds true in most Asian countries, because marriage isn’t seen as something quite so disposable as it is in much of the West today. Divorce is often quite rare in Asian countries while half or more of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Still, you will be the one to determine the result by your efforts and diligence. Having a Filipina girl for a girlfriend or a wife is like a dream of a lifetime you will never regret. If you desire to pursue that dream and make it come true then look for Filipina girls who are members of dating websites or better yet visit the Philippines and experience it first-hand.

Philippine women are unique creatures who are strong, wilful, smart, charming, caring, and delicate that makes them all very attractive to western

I Wish I Could Go to Daycare

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I have come to the conclusion that daycare

is way, way, way, way, WAY more fun than work.

I go to work. A lot. Well, I guess a normal amount like everybody else but it FEELS like a lot. And when I go to work, Pineapple goes to daycare. A very expensive daycare. And before you get started, yes I know there are cheaper daycares out there and yes I realize that she would probably be just fine at those…but I’m not sure I would. And if you’re a mom, you probably get exactly what I’m saying. If you’re not a mom, just imagine that someone told you that you should consider depositing the 40 bazillion dollars you just won in the lottery in a bank called “We Kind of Care About Your Money but We Care a Wee Bit More About Our Smoke/Coffee/TV Break” and you’ll get my drift.

But I digress…

I go to work and most days I sit at my desk. I’m starting to suspect that I might be developing some sort of debilitating butt rash as a result of all the sitting. Sometimes I get to walk around the room a little bit and sometimes I get to drive or fly places – but more often than not, my butt is in an “ergonomic-my-ass” chair gettin’ all lazy and rashy.

Pineapple on the other hand has a FULL calendar of fun and engaging activities. Like what? you ask…

On Mondays, Pineapple has “Show and Tell Toy Day” and all the kids bring in a special toy that they present to their friends. Then they all take turns sharing each others’ toys and learning about what they are. It’s like getting a peek at someone’s personality. Can you imagine what folks would bring to work in the same situation? Most likely something dull and non-revealing but you know that there’d be that ONE person that would bring the totally inappropriate thing. And that would RULE.

Fridays are “Bring a Book Day” and they all bring a book which is read to the group during book time. *sigh* I NEVER get book time at work! And I looooove books!

Then they have all these random activities; like firedrills (which DH says had better consist of each of Pineapple’s teachers taking turns practicing running from the house holding our kidlet) and “wear your clothes backwards” day and field trips to pumpkin patches (OK – I got to go to that one but I think work should have regular field trips as well).

And they have art projects – fingerpainting, and using scissors and glue (which I RARELY get to use unless I’m cutting out a picture of Taylor Lautner from GQ to hang on my cube wall because seriously, who am I kidding?!)

you’re welcome

And they even get…………wait for it……..


I want a friggin’ nap time! They all lie on their nap mats and the teacher plays soothing music. That kid sleeps more than I do and I NEED some sleep! I’m working after all. She’s just playing.

Oh and they have a playground. I totally want a playground. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn your cube into a playground area if you wanted….like create a cube tree house and just hang out in it all day?

And they’re always having treats – like cupcakes – or just yummy snacks. I have to eat nuts and cranberries or I’m going to have to be rolled into my 20 year highschool reunion using one of those elaborate pulley systems the egyptians created for moving those big slabs of rock in the pyramids (which, FYI, is a total lie if you watch the History Channel – it’s soooo obvious aliens built those things as energy recepticles…duh).

Also, I’m just gonna say it: I really like to color. And you don’t really get to color that often as an adult. I loooooove to color. It’s so much fun staying in the lines and using the different colors to make the picture perfect or funky – or both. As it is, I have to beg Pineapple to color in the evenings with me and even then she gets all mad if I use the coloring book she wants (which is, inevitably, the one I’m using) and then she messes up my pictures with scribbles. I mean, I had that Clifford picture just right! All the chickens were this beautiful creamy yellow color…now they have blue lines.

I don’t get to do any of those things at work.

But I do get to drink margaritas occasionally. And I do get to stay up as late as I want. I can go to R-rated movies (but if we’re being honest, we all know my tastes run more PG 13) if I want to. I get to drink coffee and write blogs.


(I’d still rather color. *pout*)

XOXO – Rachael

Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets Recalled!

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I learned earlier today that Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets have been recalled by the FDA. We’ve used these with Pineapple since she began teething so this is rather upsetting for us.

According to the reports, the fact that this is a homeopathic product and does not operate under the same FDA regulations as traditional medication, the levels of an ingredient (namely Belladonna) vary from package to package. Overdoses of Belladonna have occurred in some children and there are a number of worrisome side effects – difficulty breathing, sleepiness and seizures, among others.

I wanted to share this and make sure my friends were aware – this is scary. You can read more here: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm230761.htm

Happy, healthy and SAFE parenting!

XOXO Rachael

“No” and Other Curse Words

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I’m banning the word “no” from the English language…it’s a revolution…who’s with me?!

Oh Pineapple, Pineapple, Pineapple….why oh why must you say “no” alllll thheeeee tiiiiimee?

She seriously says no constantly. I’m not sure I can take it. This morning, she came over to my bed and reached up and when I tried to pick her up and snuggle her, she lowered her arms and said “no kickle!” (Pinapple-ease for “no tickle”). It was friggin’ adorable but it made me wonder…do I tickle her that much?

Half the time when she says “no” she follows it with “daddy” (i.e. “no daddy”). That’s fine – I say no to daddy a lot myself 😉 – but when she says it, she could be saying it to the cat or the heater that just kicked on…it’s like the word “no” is just naturally followed by the word “daddy.” It’s starting to upset daddy to say the least. (I think it’s funny but don’t tell.)

The worst is when she’s getting in the car. I’ll try to pick her up and put her in and all you hear is “nooooooooo!!!!!!” – not because she doesn’t want to get in the car…because she doesn’t want to get in her car SEAT. I’ve written about this before – and yes, the eagle call is still in full force.

At dinner time: “Pineapple, take a bite.” “NO!” “yes, take a bite.” “NO DADDY!” (I’m the one giving it to her.)

At the park: “OK Pineapple only 1 more and then we have to go.” “NOOOOOO!” and then she’ll run off and pout before she even gets the last turn! Where is logic when you need it?!

Getting out of the bath: “Come on Pineapple – time to get out.” “No.” (This said from the far corner of the bathtub.) “Yes, Pineapple. You have to get out and get dried off and dressed.” “No.” (This said from the bottom of the tub where she has now spread her scrawny little body, tummy down, and is attempting to grip the sides so as not to be removed.) “Pineapple, I’m not kidding. It’s time to get out now. Come on.” (Said as I lift her from the tub – fingers squealing on the siding all the way.) “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” (Followed by intense sobbing as if we told her that there is no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny and BTW, peanut butter and jelly are now considered a sin and so therefore are verboten. In other words, full-scale meltdown.)

The BEST though, is when she randomly throws a “thank you” on there. “Pineapple, would you like an apple?” “No, tank oo.” Yep – those are the best ones…just wish they were more common!

On another note, Pinapple and I joined her school at the pumpkin patch the other day. It was a lot of fun and Pineapple enjoyed the heck out of it – running all around and squealing at the animals (occasionally licking a pen to my abject horror). It was great. Then I started talking to the parents…they said “oh what is your daughter’s name” and I told them and they said “oh is her last name X”? “Yeeeessss.” I hesitantly replied. “Oh – we hear her name like that all the time! First AND last – from our perfectly behaved well-mannered that has probably never said no before in their life or thrown themselves prone on the ground in the mud upon being told that no they could not take a pig home with them child.” Niiiice. So does that mean that all the kids hear at school is “Pineapple X!” ???

I’m glad she’s strong and independent and knows what she likes. I just wish manners would accompany that and I wish that the word no would just die a horrible, painful death. Worst word EVER.

What’s your worst word ever?

XOXO Rachael