What Self Defense Products are Good?

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There are, as you can imagine, several types of electric self-defense weapons. The latter have in common the fact that their purpose is not to wound or cause death but to act as a neutralizing element against a potential aggressor.

The electrical stimuli thus sent into the body of an assailant will cause an uncontrollable muscular contraction causing a loss of balance and immobilization that may last several minutes. This duration obviously depends on the voltage of the weapon used.


taserThe “taser” or electric pulse gun : commonly called “stun gun” this weapon is composed of two electrodes connected by an insulated wire. When the electrodes touch the target, the electrical circuit is completed and the gun triggers an electrical charge that affects the nervous system. The target no longer controls his movements and loses his balance, which gives the shooter all the time to position himself above him to finish controlling him or running away. The electric gun is part of the paraphernalia of the police who use it especially in close combat. Indeed, its range does not exceed ten meters. Its creation was justified by its lesser effect in terms of bodily injury compared to firearms.

The stun-gun, electric baton or electric fist: The stun-gun can take three different forms: that of a baton (thus increasing the lengthening of its carrier), of a small handgun called shocker, or of an American fist (he will then cover your hand). Pressing a trigger causes the appearance of an electric arc sometimes enough to discourage an attacker. The electric shock from the stun-gun is enough to penetrate your target’s clothing and immobilize it in the same way that an electric pulse gun would. The stun-gun is charging on a traditional mains socket. The big black spot remains the need to establish physical contact with your attacker. These weapons of combat are again the prerogative of the police (especially American) who use them in the context of movements of crowds.


The electric pen : Small handgun that looks like a ballpoint pen, the electric pen has the advantage of being discreet and can be easily transportable. It works in the same way as an electric baton: pressing the “on” button will cause an electric arc that will immobilize your opponent on the ground. Ingenuity is not only on the side of criminals! The electric pen is a small find working with lithium batteries that will allow you to surprise an attacker and regain control of the confrontation, provided to achieve physical contact with your attacker.


People may not think that flashlights are good as self-defense products but they are wrong. A good flashlight that can be carried around is a good choice for blinding a potential attacker. The light will give you enough time to escape from them and call the police.

Quick Tips For Your Sink

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Keep your sink dry! Rinse the sink with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth when not in use. This prevents the formation of calcareous deposits.

Use a non-abrasive cleaner. Check out the local hardware store for some good liquid cleaners that contain cleansers and polishers that help preserve the original luster of your sink. It is also possible to use other types of liquid cleaners. Never use abrasive cleaners or contain chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) or hydrochloric acid. Never use steel wool or scouring pads.

Rinse cleaners after use and wipe down the sink to prevent calcareous deposits.

Never pour paint into the sink. The chemicals contained in the acrylic paint react with the surface of steel sinks and leave permanent marks in less than 24 hours. Latex paints generally do not leave permanent marks if removed with the paint manufacturer’s recommended thinner. Read the thinner guidelines thoroughly before cleaning the sink.

Use vinegar and water to remove chalk deposits that may have formed in the sink.

If you use a polishing product for stainless steel, rub in the grain direction of the steel. Read the instructions for the polishing product thoroughly before performing this task. Use a damp cloth to polish. At the end of the polishing, rinse with clean water and rub the sink with a soft cloth with a slight pressure to remove any traces of cleanser. For more precautions, test it out on a limited surface.

Do not drop sharp objects in your sink and do not use the sink as a cutting board, as this may damage or scratch the finish. Materials harder than stainless steel damage its surface (stone, diamond, glass, ceramics and abrasive cleaners).

When it comes time to unclog your garbage disposal make sure to consult a guide with any questions that you may have.

That’s it for today guys!

What I Consider When Buying Kitchen Faucets

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The type of kitchen faucet you want is not the only criterion to take into account to make your choice.

Indeed you must first check the number of holes drilled on your sink in order to choose the suitable model. You can also ask yourself about the placement of your kitchen faucet. Most models are installed on the cusp (ie directly on the sink), but you can also opt for a wall-mounted faucet. In addition to the rustic look that it can give to your kitchen, a wall-mounted faucet allows you to easily clean your sink and place large pots without hurting under the water jet.

The height of the spout of your faucet is very important and depends on the depth of your tank. The more space between the water outlet and the bottom of your sink, the more practical the use of it. You should also be interested in the rotation of the spout of your faucet. Fixed, rotating at all degrees, everything is possible and the choice depends on your sink and your installation.

In case you often wash large pots by hand, you can choose to equip yourself with a handheld shower, very convenient for cleaning or filling deep containers.

The flow of water varies according to the valve models. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from a plumber to find out what minimum flow is essential for everyday use in a kitchen. You can also ask him for details on the addition of a water saver that can reduce your consumption by almost 30% while guaranteeing you a comfort of use.

In my personal opinion you need to check out some reviews before you make a purchase like this. Go to BestKitchenFaucets.net for some ideas.

Baking Without An Oven: How to do it

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chocolateYou want to make a chocolate cake , but … momentarily, you are deprived of oven:

Here are some common scenarios:

-You are in a vacation rental, but there just isn’t one

-You are camping, but you only have a gas-cooker

Yes, but, it’s the birthday of your little one and he absolutely wants a real chocolate cake with candles on it, what a disaster!

Well, no, just not a catastrophe!

All this does not matter if you have a cooker, also called pressure cooker thanks to a famous brand. It has a thick wall that holds heat well and will actually save us here.

In addition to the fact that this utensil helps in the kitchen, it can easily be transformed for any occasion into a very efficient small furnace.

To do this, simply place the dough in that you want to cook.

For Chocolate Cake

The mold must be smaller than the diameter of the casserole and the heat must be able to circulate well.

Therefore, the mold used should be of a diameter smaller than that of the pressure cooker to be able to allow in air and remove it easily.

However, the use of a pot as an oven is not reserved only to chocolate cake. You can cook almost any cake, grain, etc.

But as we prepare for our kids birthdays we will make a simple chocolate cake most likely.

First grease the mold after having lined the bottom of the cooking paper. Then, it will be ready and available when our dough is finished.

Then grease the bottom of the mold and put a sheet of cooking paper in the bottom.
It is not necessary to lubricate the edges because the chocolate cake will only rise faster.

The recipe for a simple chocolate cake


40g flour

60g sugar + a little vanilla sugar

1/2 sachet of baking powder (or a little less)

60g of high-cocoa black chocolate

2 eggs

60g butter

Next Steps

– Mix 40g of the flour with the yeast chemical

– Then add vanilla sugar and 60g sugar.

Then, melt the 60g of chocolate in a bowl over a pan of water that boils or at intervals in the microwave until there are no more pieces. Stir from time to time.

Add the 2 eggs to the flour

– mix well

Meanwhile, heat the casserole over medium heat with a lid on top. Moreover, it is not necessarily the original lid of the casserole. I like to use a glass lid to see what’s going on inside.

– Then add the melted chocolate and beat until you get a nice smooth paste

Finally pour the dough into the well greased pan and lined at the bottom


Chocolate cake without oven

-Place the pan in the casserole dish
-If you use the lid of the casserole, it is absolutely necessary to REMOVE THE SEAL AND VALVE in order not to damage them.

After a few minutes, the cake begins to rise

It is possible, depending on the kind of cakes, that the dough deflates a little when it solidifies. It does not matter if this happens.

The cake goes down a bit more firmly with time.
When the cake falls a little (no panic, it’s normal), it is at the end of cooking stage.

Then do the stick test (stick the dough with a wooden skewer or a sharp knife) If the spike is dry, the cake is cooked.

Let the chocolate cake cool a bit.

Then, stitch a thin blade all around the mold to peel off the edges.

The bottom will not attach because it will be on cooking paper.


Hire a pro

I hope you enjoyed these tips on chocolate cake baking. I learned from the best you know. My friend has a Gainesville FL bakery so she taught me how to do all this from scratch.

If you just keep on cooking eventually you will get to a really good level.


Different dog training techniques

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There are many ways to skin a cat, or perhaps train a dog. We will go over the top techniques below that you can implement today.

This category includes those techniques whose main ways of teaching are positive reinforcement , negative reinforcement or punishment. As all these techniques are very different from each other, they are classified into three specific subcategories: traditional canine training, positive training and mixed techniques.

1. Positive training

Positive training comprises a set of techniques based on the principles of conditioning developed by professionals. Its popularity was very low until the dog training specialists make great breakthroughs.

With these techniques it is not necessary to wear training collars, and the training sessions are very rewarding for both trainers and dogs. The main method of teaching is the use of positive reinforcements, popularly known as rewards. Therefore, what is mainly done is to reinforce the desired behaviors either through food, congratulations or others. There are also ways to eliminate unwanted behaviors, but punishment is not used in any case.

The main advantages of positive training are that:
-The results are as reliable as those obtained with traditional training.
-It is not necessary to physically hurt the dog.
-We encourage them to learn by mirroring our expectations.

1. Traditional canine training

The traditional training originated in the dog schools of dogs of war and was a great success to train military dogs for the two world wars. After the 1950’s it gained a lot of popularity thanks to the stories of heroic dogs everywhere.

In these techniques, negative reinforcement and punishment are the exclusive means of training. To achieve results it is necessary to physically force the dogs until they perform the desired actions. The choke collars, electric fence and are excellent tools for such work.

Although these techniques are strongly defended by their practitioners, they are also attacked with the same obstinacy by those who consider them cruel and violent. The main benefit of traditional training is the high reliability of trained behaviors. The disadvantages include potential behavioral collateral problems caused by training as well as possible damage from tight choker chains and collars.

2. Mixed Theories

Mixed techniques are intermediate points between traditional training and positive training. Therefore, they are usually less harsh than some, but still not like positive methods. Generally, trainers using mixed techniques combine the use of the hanging collar with rewards. However, they often prefer to use toys instead of food as a reward. According to the trainers, this stimulates the instinct to chase. The exception to not using food usually occurs in the initial stages and for training in tracing, but this depends on the trainer.

Techniques based on biology

Techniques based on canine biology are those that totally or partially ignore stuff of learning, and concentrate on the dog’s natural behaviors. It’s fundamental premise is that the owner has to acquire a hierarchical status superior to that of the dog. In this way, the owner assumes the role of an alpha or leader.

Although these techniques are very popular, their actual effectiveness is very debatable. In addition, they are so diverse that a clearly defined standard or training line can not be found, unlike what happens with traditional training and positive training. No matter what training method you use you must have a good dog crate. Read more about heavy duty dog crates to get the best one for your canine.

Why Western Men Like Filipina Women

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Interesting subject today. I notice an influx of western guys marrying filipina women, and I have to admit that the girls are quite pretty ( I have a few filipina friends).  You can find plenty of western men and Filipina girls who are dating online, or if you go to the Philippines you can see western men and Filipinas going about. The creation of the internet has made the world a much smaller place. Dating online has become more of a necessity than leisure these days. There are even sites that review the dating sites! Heres a weird one that reviews Phillipines dating sites, click here to view Filipino Cupid. Western men have always wanted to have Filipinas as girlfriends or wives even before the online dating sites were created. It stepped up to whole new level when people started using the internet to find their soulmates.


Western men are also attracted to the loveliness of the Filipina. The Philippines is said to be the Pearl of the Orient, and the astounding beauty of the Filipina is compared to such incomparable rarity. If you browse through the profiles of online Philippine dating sites you will see the beauty of each and every single Filipina. What is most intriguing is their personality that goes with it.

The positive point in a Filipinos personality especially to the women has been attractive to men across the globe. Women from the Philippines are known for their charming and cheerful attitudes in the most difficult and trying times of their lives. It is very delightful to be around them in times when you need to really cheer up or need a friend to talk to.

filipina-picFilipina girls who are dating western men are not an uncommon sight in the Philippines. Nonetheless, you have to go through the process of wooing a Filipina woman. It will be the most difficult but the sweetest time of your life. You must have a lot of patience and plenty of ideas to gain favour not only from the woman alone but also from her family. Your time and effort are the customary ways of determining a suitor’s true intention. If you get lucky, you will have the grace of their home, which means you can come and go as you


Filipina girls, aside from being a bit more reserved and soft-spoken than most Western women, also put a great deal of pride and value in the idea of marriage. While this is in part a religious belief, it’s also simply part of the Filipino custom. This holds true in most Asian countries, because marriage isn’t seen as something quite so disposable as it is in much of the West today. Divorce is often quite rare in Asian countries while half or more of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Still, you will be the one to determine the result by your efforts and diligence. Having a Filipina girl for a girlfriend or a wife is like a dream of a lifetime you will never regret. If you desire to pursue that dream and make it come true then look for Filipina girls who are members of dating websites or better yet visit the Philippines and experience it first-hand.

Philippine women are unique creatures who are strong, wilful, smart, charming, caring, and delicate that makes them all very attractive to western

Benefits of Sports

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spportOne in two people does not know that physical activity can help prevent the onset of many diseases such as hypertension or osteoporosis. Yet sports have many benefits such as improved physical and mental conditions.

For over 20 years, science recognizes the benefits of sports on health. A large survey of 9,000 people was carried out about it in the Journal of Women’s Health. People know the effects of physical activity on weight but much less on health. The doctors need to recommend sports to their patients more often too.

The risk of developing a disease is decreased with practice exercises reducing health costs can be very high in case of chronic diseases.


Physical activity is also an essential element of prevention to keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.


Physical activity halves the risk of hypertension in patients with regular physical activity.


Sports are also useful against various diseases. Although physical activity does not prevent obesity, it can help to maintain a normal weight. It also helps to maintain weight loss.

Back pain and muscular diseases

To treat and prevent back pain, it is advisable to be active every day and therefore to practice sports. This also helps to prevent recurrence of symptoms. Building muscle caused during physical exercise is also beneficial for chronic inflammatory rheumatism.

Depression and anxiety

Physical activity also has positive consequences psychological. It thus reduces depression and anxiety. The team aspect of sports also makes it more fun for everyone.  Most towns have small sports leagues that enable people to make friends and bond.  Heres an example of a sports team in Cornelius NC.


Alzheimer’s disease

In Alzheimer’s disease, it also plays a role with patients who see their mortality and reduce their risk of falls.

In children and adolescents

Children, sport affects the health of slowing, for example, the evolution of risk factors for chronic disease. During adolescence, it helps to have a better self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety.

Increased life expectancy

Increasing longevity is one of the strengths of sporting activity including reducing mortality from various chronic diseases. With 92 minutes of sport per week, life is extended by 3 years. Healthy aging and keep effective immune functions longer part of the benefits of sports exercises.


Sexuality also enjoys the benefits of sports. Good endurance of the heart muscle and good erectile function, physical activity has a role in maintaining the quality of sex over time.

Sample Meal Plan

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Keeping in shape and eating healthy without sacrificing treats is possible! Providing macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids), energy carriers, fiber (fruits and vegetables) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), is important for our good health. And varying amounts of fat, so to make the most of its benefits. You’ll see, it is great!



• 60 g of bread full of margarine • 10 g or 10 g butter or 2 tbsp. Coffee Jam • 1 plain yogurt • 1 grapefruit juice • Coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch Grated carrots (seasoning. 1 teaspoon canola oil + lemon juice + salt + parsley / pepper) • Salmon in foil to mint or omelette with herbs (with 2 eggs + 1 knob of margarine suitable for cooking) • Duo rice and green vegetables • 1 yogurt with fruit 0% fat • 2 apricots

Dinner • green salad (dressing: 1 tsp. coffee walnut oil + wine vinegar + salt / pepper) • 30g of cereal bread • 2 cold sliced roast poultry • Provencal tomatoes • 1 apple (medium size)


Breakfast • 35 g cereal (like corn flakes) • 200 ml milk • 1 small bowl of strawberries • unsweetened coffee or tea

Lunch • 100 g lentil salad (lentils, onions, 1 tsp. Of rapeseed oil, mustard, vinegar) • 120 g turkey breast with light cream (15% fat) • green beans steam • 30 g tomme • 15 balls of melon

Dinner • vegetable soup • 30 g bread rye • Eggs casserole with vegetables • 1 cheese white (20% fat) • cinnamon apple pieces



Breakfast • 3 small breads Swedish • 1 slice of ham • 2 figs • 1 yoghurt 0% fat vanilla • Coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch • 100 g Beetroot • 100g grilled flank steak in a suitable margarine hazelnut cooking spaghetti • 100 g (cooked) + tomato sauce • 30 g fresh goat cheese • 1 slice of watermelon

Dinner • Mexican salad (corn, red beans, peppers) tuna (seasoning. 1 tablespoon oil coffee olive + wine vinegar + salt / pepper) • • Custard fruit pieces


Breakfast • 50 g of white bread • 10 g margarine or butter 10 g • 1 natural yogurt + 1 c. Coffee honey • ½ grapefruit • Coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch • Corn salad (dressing. 1 teaspoon of olive raspberry vinegar + oil + salt / pepper) • 120 g fillet of black cream sauce instead lean (15% fat) + lemon juice or 120g of grilled rabbit with mustard • 100g semolina (cooked) • 1 serving of cheese (type Carré Frais …) • 1 compote without sugar

Dinner • Vegetables (seasoning . 1 teaspoon canola oil + wine vinegar + salt / pepper) • 30 g bread • 2 slices ham • 1 yoghurt 0% fruit


Breakfast • 2 slices of bread • 2 c. jam Coffee • 1 boiled egg • 2 orange juice • Coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch • Radish + 40g of wholemeal bread + 10g of margarine or 10 g butter + salt with herbs • Small grilled prawns a la plancha or 120 g spicy chicken breast and grilled a la plancha • 100g tagliatelle (cooked) + crushed tomatoes with basil • green Beans • 30 g camembert • 2 peaches (small)

Dinner • rice Salad (100 g cooked) + tuna (1/2 small box) + tomato + artichoke hearts + fat mayonnaise • 1 natural yogurt + 3 dried apricots into pieces


Breakfast • 35 g of grain + 100 g of cottage cheese (20% fat) + ½ banana • Coffee or tea without sugar

Lunch • Carpaccio citrus • 30g of wholemeal bread • 120 g beef strips sauteed with paprika in 1 margarine hazelnut suitable for baking • Gratin of leeks (the lighter cream 15% fat) • 30g blue lightened • fresh fruit salad

Dinner • Zucchini grated + 8 prawns (seasoning. 1 tsp rapeseed oil + lemon juice + cilantro + salt / pepper • 100 g pasta (cooked) • 2 small Swiss (20% fat) • ¼ pineapple