Benefits of Sports

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spportOne in two people does not know that physical activity can help prevent the onset of many diseases such as hypertension or osteoporosis. Yet sports have many benefits such as improved physical and mental conditions.

For over 20 years, science recognizes the benefits of sports on health. A large survey of 9,000 people was carried out about it in the Journal of Women’s Health. People know the effects of physical activity on weight but much less on health. The doctors need to recommend sports to their patients more often too.

The risk of developing a disease is decreased with practice exercises reducing health costs can be very high in case of chronic diseases.


Physical activity is also an essential element of prevention to keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis.


Physical activity halves the risk of hypertension in patients with regular physical activity.


Sports are also useful against various diseases. Although physical activity does not prevent obesity, it can help to maintain a normal weight. It also helps to maintain weight loss.

Back pain and muscular diseases

To treat and prevent back pain, it is advisable to be active every day and therefore to practice sports. This also helps to prevent recurrence of symptoms. Building muscle caused during physical exercise is also beneficial for chronic inflammatory rheumatism.

Depression and anxiety

Physical activity also has positive consequences psychological. It thus reduces depression and anxiety. The team aspect of sports also makes it more fun for everyone.  Most towns have small sports leagues that enable people to make friends and bond.  Heres an example of a sports team in Cornelius NC.


Alzheimer’s disease

In Alzheimer’s disease, it also plays a role with patients who see their mortality and reduce their risk of falls.

In children and adolescents

Children, sport affects the health of slowing, for example, the evolution of risk factors for chronic disease. During adolescence, it helps to have a better self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety.

Increased life expectancy

Increasing longevity is one of the strengths of sporting activity including reducing mortality from various chronic diseases. With 92 minutes of sport per week, life is extended by 3 years. Healthy aging and keep effective immune functions longer part of the benefits of sports exercises.


Sexuality also enjoys the benefits of sports. Good endurance of the heart muscle and good erectile function, physical activity has a role in maintaining the quality of sex over time.