Baking Without An Oven: How to do it

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chocolateYou want to make a chocolate cake , but … momentarily, you are deprived of oven:

Here are some common scenarios:

-You are in a vacation rental, but there just isn’t one

-You are camping, but you only have a gas-cooker

Yes, but, it’s the birthday of your little one and he absolutely wants a real chocolate cake with candles on it, what a disaster!

Well, no, just not a catastrophe!

All this does not matter if you have a cooker, also called pressure cooker thanks to a famous brand. It has a thick wall that holds heat well and will actually save us here.

In addition to the fact that this utensil helps in the kitchen, it can easily be transformed for any occasion into a very efficient small furnace.

To do this, simply place the dough in that you want to cook.

For Chocolate Cake

The mold must be smaller than the diameter of the casserole and the heat must be able to circulate well.

Therefore, the mold used should be of a diameter smaller than that of the pressure cooker to be able to allow in air and remove it easily.

However, the use of a pot as an oven is not reserved only to chocolate cake. You can cook almost any cake, grain, etc.

But as we prepare for our kids birthdays we will make a simple chocolate cake most likely.

First grease the mold after having lined the bottom of the cooking paper. Then, it will be ready and available when our dough is finished.

Then grease the bottom of the mold and put a sheet of cooking paper in the bottom.
It is not necessary to lubricate the edges because the chocolate cake will only rise faster.

The recipe for a simple chocolate cake


40g flour

60g sugar + a little vanilla sugar

1/2 sachet of baking powder (or a little less)

60g of high-cocoa black chocolate

2 eggs

60g butter

Next Steps

– Mix 40g of the flour with the yeast chemical

– Then add vanilla sugar and 60g sugar.

Then, melt the 60g of chocolate in a bowl over a pan of water that boils or at intervals in the microwave until there are no more pieces. Stir from time to time.

Add the 2 eggs to the flour

– mix well

Meanwhile, heat the casserole over medium heat with a lid on top. Moreover, it is not necessarily the original lid of the casserole. I like to use a glass lid to see what’s going on inside.

– Then add the melted chocolate and beat until you get a nice smooth paste

Finally pour the dough into the well greased pan and lined at the bottom


Chocolate cake without oven

-Place the pan in the casserole dish
-If you use the lid of the casserole, it is absolutely necessary to REMOVE THE SEAL AND VALVE in order not to damage them.

After a few minutes, the cake begins to rise

It is possible, depending on the kind of cakes, that the dough deflates a little when it solidifies. It does not matter if this happens.

The cake goes down a bit more firmly with time.
When the cake falls a little (no panic, it’s normal), it is at the end of cooking stage.

Then do the stick test (stick the dough with a wooden skewer or a sharp knife) If the spike is dry, the cake is cooked.

Let the chocolate cake cool a bit.

Then, stitch a thin blade all around the mold to peel off the edges.

The bottom will not attach because it will be on cooking paper.


Hire a pro

I hope you enjoyed these tips on chocolate cake baking. I learned from the best you know. My friend has a Gainesville FL bakery so she taught me how to do all this from scratch.

If you just keep on cooking eventually you will get to a really good level.