What I Consider When Buying Kitchen Faucets

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The type of kitchen faucet you want is not the only criterion to take into account to make your choice.

Indeed you must first check the number of holes drilled on your sink in order to choose the suitable model. You can also ask yourself about the placement of your kitchen faucet. Most models are installed on the cusp (ie directly on the sink), but you can also opt for a wall-mounted faucet. In addition to the rustic look that it can give to your kitchen, a wall-mounted faucet allows you to easily clean your sink and place large pots without hurting under the water jet.

The height of the spout of your faucet is very important and depends on the depth of your tank. The more space between the water outlet and the bottom of your sink, the more practical the use of it. You should also be interested in the rotation of the spout of your faucet. Fixed, rotating at all degrees, everything is possible and the choice depends on your sink and your installation.

In case you often wash large pots by hand, you can choose to equip yourself with a handheld shower, very convenient for cleaning or filling deep containers.

The flow of water varies according to the valve models. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from a plumber to find out what minimum flow is essential for everyday use in a kitchen. You can also ask him for details on the addition of a water saver that can reduce your consumption by almost 30% while guaranteeing you a comfort of use.

In my personal opinion you need to check out some reviews before you make a purchase like this. Go to BestKitchenFaucets.net for some ideas.