What Self Defense Products are Good?

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There are, as you can imagine, several types of electric self-defense weapons. The latter have in common the fact that their purpose is not to wound or cause death but to act as a neutralizing element against a potential aggressor.

The electrical stimuli thus sent into the body of an assailant will cause an uncontrollable muscular contraction causing a loss of balance and immobilization that may last several minutes. This duration obviously depends on the voltage of the weapon used.


taserThe “taser” or electric pulse gun : commonly called “stun gun” this weapon is composed of two electrodes connected by an insulated wire. When the electrodes touch the target, the electrical circuit is completed and the gun triggers an electrical charge that affects the nervous system. The target no longer controls his movements and loses his balance, which gives the shooter all the time to position himself above him to finish controlling him or running away. The electric gun is part of the paraphernalia of the police who use it especially in close combat. Indeed, its range does not exceed ten meters. Its creation was justified by its lesser effect in terms of bodily injury compared to firearms.

The stun-gun, electric baton or electric fist: The stun-gun can take three different forms: that of a baton (thus increasing the lengthening of its carrier), of a small handgun called shocker, or of an American fist (he will then cover your hand). Pressing a trigger causes the appearance of an electric arc sometimes enough to discourage an attacker. The electric shock from the stun-gun is enough to penetrate your target’s clothing and immobilize it in the same way that an electric pulse gun would. The stun-gun is charging on a traditional mains socket. The big black spot remains the need to establish physical contact with your attacker. These weapons of combat are again the prerogative of the police (especially American) who use them in the context of movements of crowds.


The electric pen : Small handgun that looks like a ballpoint pen, the electric pen has the advantage of being discreet and can be easily transportable. It works in the same way as an electric baton: pressing the “on” button will cause an electric arc that will immobilize your opponent on the ground. Ingenuity is not only on the side of criminals! The electric pen is a small find working with lithium batteries that will allow you to surprise an attacker and regain control of the confrontation, provided to achieve physical contact with your attacker.


People may not think that flashlights are good as self-defense products but they are wrong. A good flashlight that can be carried around is a good choice for blinding a potential attacker. The light will give you enough time to escape from them and call the police.